Video Service Comparison

Choosing the correct video service can sometimes be difficult. That is why we wanted to try to compare side by side some of the most popular video streaming services. When it comes to video streaming you have many different options: from monthly subscriptions, pay per show, and annually billed services. You also have options with whether or not you would like to stream live tv or video from a library that is offered from a streaming service. Many services are starting to offer live TV as a part of their service since so many people have been "cutting the cable" so to speak. By no means is this list an end all be all nor is it the only list of streaming services available, these are just what I've seen to be some of the more popular services out there. In my opinion there are a few things to take into consideration whenever thinking of the perfect service for you: price, channel/show availability, how fast programs become available, and whether or not live TV is important to you. See my comparisons (right) where I've laid out some pros, cons, and prices of some different services, again these are only my opinions and research I've done by checking out each services website and testing some on my own time.