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Call us for all your networking needs. We offer broadband Internet access. We design and develop whole house wifi systems. We can manage your in home or business networks to ensure all devices get adequate access. We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your home, as you are working with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary accreditations and insurances

Internet Access

Internet causing you problems?
Or do you need an upgrade to a higher speed? Portative Technologies has a vast range of offerings in our area and can install a system to suit your requirements.

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Digital TV Streaming

Want to stream your favorite show? Hulu, Roku, Firestick, Youtube ... the list goes on. Most programming is now available over the Internet. Stream live, record for later. Our Internet is capable of supporting any video streaming service.

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Wifi Solutions

Do you have reception problems in your home or business? Internet slow on some devices and not others? Before you waste money buying equipment you may not need, have our experienced technicians evaluate the issues.

Have us analyze and quote a whole building system.

Video Gaming

Love your Friday nights playing video games? Low latency and low packet loss makes our Internet service perfect for first person, real time, interactive gaming.

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