Network Neutrality and Transparency Disclosure

We believe in an open Internet

Network Management Practices
We do for security reasons block some traffic from entering and leaving our network. These practices are recognized across the industry as appropriate and tailored to achieving legitimate network management. The types of traffic are related to known exploits and are utilized to stop the spread of malware. For email services we do not allow unencrypted connections to our mail server; we do block most traffic from outside the country, mostly bad actor countries that are have tried hacking or spamming our systems. Should you have a need for email in a country being blocked please bring it to our attention for evaluation. Our web sites are developed only allowing secure https connections. All devices connected to our network are required to be protected from malware and viruses. The customer is required to keep their equipment secured; this would include maintaining anti-virus software on individual devices; updating your wireless router firmware as necessary; keeping passwords safe and secured and not operating an unprotected wireless network in your home or business. We offer, for a fee, a manged router service where we manage and update the system to ensure it is secured.

Service Description
We offer wireless Internet access plans that range from 3Mb per second to 1Gb per second. Plans at 3Mb per second are good for email and web surfing. Most video services and real time gaming will operate effectively at 6Mb per second. Multiple devices in the house wanting to stream video and game simultaneously would require our 10Mb and higher plans. We strive to keep our internal latency to the outside Internet ecosystem at a range that supports what our customers want to do.

Commercial Terms of Service
Our plans and pricing are listed on our Services page. Links to our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions are in the footer of each page on our web site.

Customer Complaints
Any customer or potential customer that have issues with our terms and conditions, network management practices, privacy policy, or Internet services should be directed via email to for resolution. We strive to provide a high quality network and will make every reasonable effort to address each customers complaint or concern.

Our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, and our Network Management Practices do change from time to time. We post changes to these documents on our web site and add the date of the last modification to each document.