Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Customers

Does your service have any data caps?
No, our service is completely unlimited with no slow downs!

How much is an installation?
The installation fee is $99 which includes the equipment needed to bring in a single connection to your home and the labor for a wireless technician to install your service. If you would like to hook up your devices wirelessly a wireless ethernet router is necessary. You may purchase one of your choosing or can purchase a Cambium router from us for $60 (VoIP ports included, $80). So long as you have a wireless router on site at the time of the installation our wireless technician will install the device and help with connecting your devices as well.

What plans do you offer?
In most areas we offer three different residential wireless speeds:
5Mbps Download/2Mbps Upload- $50/month
10Mbps Download/3Mbps Upload- $60/month
20Mbps Download/5Mbps Upload- $70/month
Upgraded speeds are available up to 1Gbps, please call (812)738-7007 for details.

Which plan is right for me?
Picking the correct wireless speed is very important. What you would like to do on the Internet will be very dependent on the speed that you would want to choose. Our 5x2 plan is great for someone who would like to use email, browse the web, or complete school work. Our 10x3 plan is great for people who would like to work from home and it is also where we would start to introduce video streaming, however this is very dependent on the amount of people in your home and which services/devices that you are streaming video on. Our 20x5 plan is great for online first person gaming, video streaming with multiple people in the home, and just about everything you would like to accomplish on the Internet.

Are there any added fees?
There are no added taxes or fees. However, as an Internet company our invoices are sent via email, and if you would like to receive a paper we do charge $2 a month.